Personal Injury

An Overview Of Elder Abuse Claims

Elder Abuse Claims

It’s not only elders that end up being abused, but also those who have a significant disability and are under constant care at a facility. Care facilities have obligations to protect our seniors and disabled individuals from harm. There’s a lot required of facilities that they fall short on in some instances, which can lead to a personal injury claim. The types of injuries we see, especially with our seniors, are hip fractures, femoral fractures, tibia fractures, and fibula fractures. Those are the bones in the leg and these happen as a result of falls. Another frequent injury frequency is sepsis caused by failure to properly recognize and treat infections.

We also see open wounds and bed sores that happen when a senior is not rotated enough. Every two hours, by state law, healthcare providers in facilities are required to move patients in position. If they are in one position too long, a skin ulcer can develop. In seniors, the skin is much more fragile. Great care has to be provided, which is sometimes lacking at facilities, which leads to very bad injuries (like wrongful death) of this sort, which lead to sepsis and can be life endangering. Also, issues like hydration have to be carefully monitored. Nurses are required to measure input and output. Often, seniors can’t verbalize what happened. We’ve got to look at records and talk to professionals. We know, after doing this for 40 years, the kinds of things that happen when our seniors are put in harm’s way.

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