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bankruptcy and collections attorney

When a person doesn’t pay their debt, they can land in serious trouble. They will require assistance of a professional lawyer because if they file for bankruptcy, it becomes difficult to collect money. Most businesses give up the claim because a lot of time is wasted in bankruptcy cases. Giving up the claim is not the solution of the problem and the organization or individual who lend the money should have knowledge about whether pursuing customer debt into bankruptcy is worth it. This can only be determined by consulting an expert New York, NY Bankruptcy attorney.

There are many issues to face that are linked to debt collection due to which a professional and best New York, NY Bankruptcy Attorneys is required at every stage. For example after winning the judgement, the court never helps in getting the debt back. An attorney working in this field for many years is mandatory to proceed further. The debtor can change their living location and can change their name so no one can track them. They can even hide their assets to try every possible way to make the creditor give up the case.

Whether a debtor files for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, a creditor can get the full payment back if there is an expert attorney by their side. If the debtor chooses to file for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, the creditor is allowed to propose a reorganization and repayment plan for the money lent. In some cases, multiple plans are proposed by the court and the creditor is given the permission to select the plan that suits them best. Our Chapter 7 Bankruptcy attorney in New York, NY as well as the Chapter 11 Bankruptcy attorney in New York, NY at our office has extensive knowledge to fight against the debtor. It is a wise decision to hire an attorney to represent you as the attorney will contact the debtor and communicate in a professional manner. This is necessary because a creditor talking to the debtor directly may make them feel harassed. Therefore, giving the case in the hands of a professional lawyer can solve many collection cases in a better way. If the creditor doesn’t want to get the claim for the payment forfeited, then a professional lawyer can assist in the best way.

The New York, NY bankruptcy attorneys at our office have years of experience in collector representation. Our Bankruptcy attorney in New York, NY knows how to use their knowledge in obtaining judgments against the debtor. We assist the creditors and help them collect debt in every possible way, so if there is anyone who is stressed because the debtor is threatening to file for bankruptcy to prevent them from getting the debt back, we can help proceed through the legal process. Our lawyers are well aware of how to investigate the case as well as with the asset search. They have vast knowledge on protecting the creditor rights and getting the full amount of money back.

If you are one of those finding it hard to collect debt if the debtor has filed for Bankruptcy, contact us as we know various legal ways to get you your money back! Our New York, NY Bankruptcy attorney will be ready to help you.

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