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Four Reasons You Should Ride with An Action Cam

Ride with an action cam

Cornering is considered one of the most dangerous maneuvers in motorcycling. That’s because corners are one of the top locations where motorcyclists crash—right behind intersections. Most of the time speed and conditions are attributed to these crashes, but what if we told you there is a third reason for this type of crash, and the only way to prove that reason, is to carry an action cam.


  1. Training– As a motorcyclist, you should always try to improve your riding skills. This allows you to not only become a better rider, but it can prepare you to avoid road hazards. Mount your action cam in a position where you can examine your body position, braking and clutching techniques, and head positions. This will allow you to see if you are really using the best techniques on the open road.
  2. Insurance Claims– Often when you are out riding and you get into an accident with another driver, it is a case of their word against yours. This changes when you have an action cam. Your claims can be backed up by your camera’s footage, and insurance companies will have a much harder time denying your claims with such proof.
  3. When You’re a Good Rider– If you are cornering and a dog jumps out in front of you, you hit a patch of leave, or a car is driving over the line, then this could cause you to crash. In some situations, law enforcement will blame the motorcyclist by saying they were taking the corner too fast because they see no evidence that what you said happened. However, law enforcement cannot place such blame on riders if you have video evidence supporting you. This can also come in handy in situations where you are accused of reckless riding, but you have been mistaken for another rider on a similar bike. Video of your safe riding can be a lifesaver.
  4. If You Can’t Give Testimony– As safe riders, we try our best to avoid crashes, but sometimes they are unavoidable. However, if you sustain an injury that prevents you from telling your side of the story, then any claims made by your loved ones could be hampered by a lack of evidence. An action camera can prevent this and allow you to tell your story even when you aren’t able too.

Action cameras have many uses, some riders use them merely for recreation, while others have more practical uses. That means purchasing an action camera can be both fun and prudent. When it comes to protecting you and your family, the southern California motorcycle accident attorneys want you to be aware of all your options. Keep following us to learn more about your rights here in Los Angeles and the entire Orange County area

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