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Is Amazon Responsible for Defective Eclipse Glasses?

Defective eclipse glasses

The Great American Eclispe of 2017 was a spectacle that people all over the country enjoyed, however, for some it has been a nightmare. Since the eclipse ended there have been people experiencing headaches, light sensitivity and other vision problems. These are symptoms of staring at the sun—and/or an eclipse—with no eye protection. Yet eclipse watchers that took steps to protect their eyes are experiencing these symptoms too. Could defective eclipse glasses sold by Amazon be responsible for their pain?


A little over a week before a total eclipse was due to sweep across most of the continental United States, Amazon issued a recall. The online seller had discovered that some of the eclipse glasses it was selling had been sourced from a non-NASA approved seller. These glasses were inadequate for viewing the eclipse and could result in eye damage if used.

Notice of this recall spread all over the country. It caused schools to cancel their plans to let kids view the eclipse, and it caused a scramble as people tried to find and buy a safe pair of eclipse glasses. This inconvenienced many people, but eclipse viewers who didn’t received recall notices may have actually suffered injuries.


In South Carolina, a couple claims that they received no notice about the recalled glasses. So, they used those glasses to view the eclipse. Now they claim to be experiencing vision impairments that include blurriness, light sensitivity, distorted vision, changes in color perception and a central blind spot. The couple claims they never looked at the event without wearing the eyewear they purchased on Amazon.

In Colorado, another couple is suing a high-end glasses store because they received a pair of the faulty eclipse glasses as free gifts for purchasing eyewear. After viewing the eclipse, that couple also started experiencing symptoms of eye damage. The shop that gave the couple their eclipse glasses claims that it bought the defective specs from Amazon for a promotional campaign.

Both of these couples have sought out legal representation and are taking their claims to court, but they’re not the only victims. This event occurred all over the country, so if you have been experiencing headaches, light sensitivity, blurred vision or blind spots, and you viewed the eclipse with protective glasses, then you need to contact an experienced product liability attorney immediately.

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