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What Types of Injuries Do You See In Commercial Vehicle Accidents?

Injuries In Commercial Vehicle Accidents

The type of injuries in commercial vehicle accidents tend to be more severe. Death claims are frequent in this arena because of the difference in weight between a loaded commercial vehicle and a passenger vehicle. It’s not uncommon to have fractures of the neck, cervical fractures, or lumbar injuries that are severe. It is also common to have fractures of legs and other strike injuries. Strike injuries happen when there is a secondary impact that the driver or passengers have with the interior of the vehicle after being crashed into. Even with modern three point seatbelts, the body moves around tremendously in a crash. There is also the secondary impact that frequently happens with an airbag. The airbag saves lives but it also causes personal injuries that can be severe, including concussions and other head injuries.

Cervical fractures can cause paralysis and these severe injuries require a lot of time, attention, and medical intervention as soon as possible to make sure that everything is done to protect this person. The damages, the loss of earnings, and all the other types of damages that happen to a person involved in this type of injury can be incredibly severe.

Who Might Be Held Responsible In A Commercial Vehicle Accident Claim?

The typical parties who are responsible for a commercial carrier type accident are not only the driver, but the employer of the driver. Sometimes, for example, logistics companies that are involved in setting the scheduling and routing can be held responsible. It all depends on the specific facts of that particular case.

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